Monday, December 04, 2006

Weapons that don't exist, but should

I present my Christmas list.

Other weapons that do not exist but should:

1. Chainsaw Toilet Paper - Just when you think it is safe to use the bathroom...

2. Wedding cake with a midget Ninja inside - just the way to whack a mafia Don on the day of his daughters wedding.

3. The World's Smallest Fiddle filled with the World's Smallest A-Bomb - Where is your sympathy now?

4. A Giant Projector that Projects Naked Pictures of Teddy Kennedy onto the Moon - Suicide inducing

5. The Shatner-Launcher - I...just...can'

6. The Electric Burrito - A little death from South of the Border

7. Sushi laced with Polonium - Wait someone has already invented that.