Saturday, December 30, 2006

Muslims act like barbarians...again.

Buddhist Thais are fleeing from attacks by Muslims in southern Thailand.

The Muslim insurgents mainly are targeting Buddhist teachers and monks in an effort to intimidate Buddhist Thais into fleeing from the region.

I'm sure none of you are surprised. This situation further exposes that the heart of our struggle is a fight against global jihad. I guarantee that these animals are receiving monetary support from the Middle East oil dictators and from western Muslims who see this as a prelude to Muslim gains in Europe and the Americas.

The Muslims in Thailand want a pure Islamic state. They do not want a place were their people can be free. They want a region where they can enforce their thuggish view of their religion on anyone who does not agree with them. They essentially seek to create a Tehran with spicier food.

Surprisingly, 25 teachers have been beheaded. Wonder where they learned that?

This situation draws parallels in my mind to that in France. Both have a Muslim population in the southern part of the nation that is agitating for Sharia and their own Islamic state.

We have already seen intimidation tactics in France, where Jews are beaten and temples torched. Soon they will turn more heavily on the few Frenchmen who have not surrendered their souls to the relativism and hedonism of modernity.

I'm surprised that this has not made international headlines. Hell, Buddhists are being attacked. Where is Richard Gere? I thought that the Hollywood people would come out to defend their second favorite religion, after Islam that is.

The global jihad marches on. I am sure soon their will be a peace deal in Thailand, brokered by Jimmy Carter, in which the Thais give the Muslims everything they want and apologize for their existence. This is the same sort of deal Carter is demanding that the Jews give the Palestinians. This will lead to a rump caliphate that will spread Islamic terror throughout the rest of south and southeast Asia.