Friday, August 11, 2006

Wow Republicans are jazzed too

It turns out that the Republican base is motivated.

This is what I have been saying for months. Did the Dims really think that they were going to waltz into power?

Republicans have been beaten for the last year with poll after poll supposedly showing that they are doomed.

Let me explain why the Republicans are going to win in November:

1. The election of 2004 has yet to be appreciated by the MSM and the Dims.
Remember Kerry received more votes in 2004 than Gore got in 2000. This means that the Dims got out as many voters as they could. Bush got many more votes than Kerry did and surpassed Gore's 2000 total.

The reason for this is clear. In 2004 the Republicans mounted a great ground game. They got out there and brought in people who were not regular voters, but nevertheless conservative, and got them to the polls for the first time. Republican strategists targeted churches and social groups to tap pools of voters. Additionally, this ground game was predicated on the labor of millions of unpaid volunteers. A higher portion of Dim block walkers and polls workers were paid lackeys.

These previously non-voting conservatives have no reason to revert to their old ways. Bush has come through in a big way for social conservatives. Additionally, the Republican party will aggressively pursue their votes.

2. The Dims still do not hold beliefs they can be honest about.

The Dimocratic party has been adrift since the 70s. It has to accommodate the old Vietnam era hippie wing of the party that most of America opposes. Its future is not to bright either. Till it can find a way to rebrand class warfare and surrender to totalitarian animals, they will lose a lot of elections.

This year I think the Republicans will gain seats or at least not lose Congress. I also predict that after the Dims fail to take Congress we will see Left wing bloggers spouting conspiracy theories about Republicans manipulating the polls to make Dim voters overconfident.

I also bet that after they fail yet again they will blame voter fraud, machine tampering, and Republican conspiracy.