Saturday, August 19, 2006

Update: Law School report

Well as some of you know, your humble WordBearer, started law school this week. First of all, it is not as hard as I anticipated. The homework load is equivalent to what I had as an undergrad, except you actually have to do it.

Many of my classmates seem overwhelmed, but that is because they did not really have to work in their undergrad courses. Thanks to the Dumb Ox, I am used to having to read a couple hundred pages per week and then be interrogated about the material.

I really am enjoying my classes. The professors are teaching us court room strategies in addition to all the technical stuff.

In all I feel good and everything is going well. I went to law school in order to engage in the most vile and wicked form of sophistry available to modern man...besides working for the New York Times.

I'm still wallowing in the abyss of singlehood. Looks like three more years of depressing loneliness and drinking.