Monday, August 07, 2006

I don't really care

Joe Lieberman faces off in his primary tomorrow with anti-war loony Ned Lamont.

The polls show that Lieberman will probably lose, but polls can be wrong.

The reason I even bother to talk about this is because conservatives are still trying to figure out who they should root for. Many see a Lieberman's defeat as catastrophic. They see a relatively pro-war and pro-GWOT Dim going down to defeat in his primary as a sign that the public is starting to sour on the whole defeat Islamic terror thing.

I tend to see it as a good thing. By all accounts this Lamont fellow is an empty suit for the kook fringe Left. I want the Dims to elect the most loony people they can. Plus I think many people are forgetting the Joe Lieberman of 2000. who jettisoned all his beliefs to play handmaiden to Al Gore.

The radicalization of the American Left will spell doom for the Dims this November. The American people are not in love with the Republican party, but they see it as the benign alternative to the crazy Left.

Lets face it, the Dimocratic party is falling apart. It has been forced to abandon the heartland of America because it can not connect with religious people. It has to cover its real goals of class warfare and socialism in the rhetoric of "social justice," and it has failed to offer a plausible counter-strategy in the GWOT.

Still the idiocy of the people knows no bounds. Americans have been raised on the feel good, peacenick, Care Bear culture of modernity that holds no Truths to be self-evident if they interfere with the get-rich, get-high, get-off ethos of contemporary pop culture.

Update: Lieberman is within six points of Lamont as the people head to the polls.

This article further proves my point about Lieberman. He is just your typical tax and spend
liberal with a good record on the GWOT.