Saturday, March 10, 2007

With Libby in jail, it is now safe for Sandy to stuff his pants with more secrets

Charles Krauthammer points out that fun little fact.

Libby has to go to jail for the simple reason that he could not remember the exact moment he heard Valarie Plame's name. Meanwhile, Sandy Berger still gets to attend the best parties and be an expert on CNN.

The injustice of the whole Libby trial is apparent to anyone with the slightest bit of sense. Fitzgerald was tasked with finding out who leaked Valarie Plame's name. Libby did not do it.
Richard Armitage did. Rich is fiercely anti-Cheney, but he was never charged. Probably because it was not a crime to begin with.

Libby was the fall guy. But he was the fall guy for Richard Armitage.