Saturday, January 13, 2007

Perfect Americans vs. Mindless barbarians

VDH has another great column

He makes a good point about how the rest of the world seems to suffer from a sort of schizophrenia.

We hear it all the time: The rich US should get involved/the imperialistic US should stay out of everyone else's business.

There really is not a principled opposition to the US out there.

The liberals are right about one thing, we are hated for what we have done in the past. We are hated by the socialists because it is the rich, free, capitalistic America that felled their Russian experiment and calls into question their surety in the class war and the triumph of the proletariat. The Islamists hate us because we stand athwart the road of the future, barring the victory of Muhammad and declaring that the people of the planet deserve the right to choose their own destiny.

Our very existence mocks them. Here in the US the workers care not for class struggle or for socialism. American workers would rather have a red sports car than a red scarf tied around their neck.

Our large open society demands that one treat others the same, while the Islamist want to enslave others to their will and to their primitive religion.

Yet, I fear that the barbarians are winning. We are no longer sure of ourselves. We demand perfection of ourselves and our government, while our media and elites gloss over the savage behavior of our enemies.

Cruel mass murders are called "agrarian reformers" and grace the glossy covers of Time magazine while Americans who pray on their knees every night and love their neighbors are called a threat.

Islamists who behead reporters, suicide bomb, and bully the West are called "freedom fighters" and are treated as equals.

The world is a sad place. We are truly in an age where good is called evil and evil is called good.