Monday, January 07, 2008

No-Go Zones in Britain

Reverend Michael Nazir-Ali, a Bishop in the Church of England, is calling attention to the fact that parts of England are being taken over by Islamic radicals.

I'm actually quite impressed. The Church of England, and its American offshoots, are normally pretty spineless when it comes to dealing with threats to Western civilization.

Nazir-Ali is from Pakistan so he knows how minorities are treated under Islamic rule. He can see through the pie-in-the-sky, we-are-all-brothers-under-the-skin brainwashing of the Western Left. He knows that the Koran (it flushes ever so well) allows no compromise with those who will not submit to the will of its evil.

Of course the good Muslims of Britain are calling him a Nazi and accusing him of whipping up anti-Islamic sentiment in England. As if more could exist after practitioners of the "Religion of Peace" detonated themselves on the London subway. I find it funny that a Muslim would accuse anyone of acting like Nazis. They support the goals of the Nazis: killing Jews and destroying Christianity.

The Muslims also pull out the old canard that it is the policies of the United States and Britain in the Middle East that are fueling Islamic extremism. Isn't it funny that Muslim radicals and Leftists are always reading from the same script.

It is obvious to anyone who reads what our enemies say to us and to each other that this is about Jihad. It is not about securing better working conditions for textile workers in Mosul or a reaction to Western aggression. Imperialism is also a shallow excuse. The only imperial power in the Middle East for most of the second millennium was the Islamic Ottoman Empire.

In fact, Christians can lay claim to be the victims of Muslim imperialism with more creditability than vice versa. Ask the people of Greece and the Balkans if they feel bad about Western imperialism against Muslims. They will look at you like you have lost your mind. The people of Europe have been the victims of Muslim depredations for centuries. Islam has cast a shadow over Europe ever since that pervert Mohamed and his savages Arab tribesmen rode out of the wilderness to spread their blasphemy.

The West needs a spiritual renewal badly, but I am afraid that it will come with burkas, tyranny, and the primitivism of the Middle East.