Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Isn't God the Alpha?

Well, for the perhaps one hundredth time since the "Sensitive Male" craze of the 1970's, the media is declaring the Alpha male dead.

According to Jennie Yabroff at Newsweek, what women really want is an unambitious man who spends all his time on the couch playing video games and not worried about competing in the real world. Of course this is news to all the ladies I know. That sort of behavior is cute when the guy is 24, but when he turns 30 without a meaningful direction, they tend to leave. It promotes the irresponsible man as the answer to a ladies dreams. So what women now want is a man to sit around, spend her money, and use her for sex. Great, we sure have reached an enlightened age haven't we folks.

Yabroff blames this "new" attraction to the beta male (she never accounts for the long term popularity of Woody Allen) on the fact that we are losing in Iraq. Hey Jennie, maybe we are losing in Iraq because Feminists have so emasculated the American man that we can no longer fight and win. We are fighting the ultimate Alpha males in Iraq. They have their ideology and are not afraid to spread it with fire and sword.

I can not see why anyone would idolize a vacillating, weak, follower. Are we so far from John Wayne, Leonidas, and William T. Sherman that we can not see the virtue of the man who takes charge, defeats enemies, and does what needs to be done?

Let me tell you where this article really gets it wrong: It equates the Alpha Male with with what everyone would define as the "asshole." It describes Alpha males as "abrasive" and not "amenable to consensus." Of course we all know that consensus is the total absence of leadership.

The point I wish to make is that this article sets up a straw man. It paints the Alpha male as an ego-centric, aggressive, pompous, self-righteous know it all. This misconstrues reality. The stereotypical alpha male of yesteryear was a quiet self-assured man who others instinctively followed. He got things done because he was a leader and everyone could sense his inner strength. Being an alpha male is like being a lady, if you are one no one needs to tell you so. A man can be sensitive and still be a leader.

The examples she gives as successful Beta males are noted adulterer Bill Clinton and Al Gore, noted liar and loser. Are these the men women really want? A cheater and a Chicken Little?

This article is just another attempt to promote the morally relativist agenda. It attacks the idea that men should be masculine, which is not synonymous with being jerk, and promotes the notion that men should be weak and petty.

The article is right: we are in the twilight of our nation, but it is not because of the failure of the alpha male, it is because the modern age has killed him.